“Does BDC Offer Beading Classes?”

Customers occasionally ask if we offer beading classes.   

The answer is “No,” …  &  …. “Yes.”   

We used to schedule a variety  of classes with multiple talented local instructors.   It is a major undertaking to locate an instructor, schedule the time and place, gather class materials and promote the topic, and then have to cancel because of a lack of sign-ups.  So we stopped Scheduling classes.

But ….  The learning can’t stop.

While there are so many demands on our customer’s time these days, we still like to share our knowledge and help folks realize their creative dreams.  We also like to personalize instruction to the needs and desires of the student.   With these things in mind, we offer one-on-one instruction tailored to the desires and skill level of the student.

Give BDC a call and let us help you explore your interests.   

Maybe just for yourself. 

Maybe for a small group of friends. 

We can help.


Need a “Refill” During Bad Weather?

January’s bad weather has extended into February.  Ugh.  Who wants to venture out in that mess?  Besides, your safety is our concern.  Fortunately, there is a fix.

If you  are a Registered BDC Customer, (i.e. Name, Address, Phone, Email)  and need more of anything, we can take your order over the phone. 503 235-4800 .

Or Via Email: Dusti@BeadsAtDustiCreek.com

We ship by USPS Priority Mail, even within the Portland area, so Tracking numbers are available. Orders received by 3 PM Pacific Time are processed for same day shipping.

So, if you need a “Refill” and can’t make it in, we’ve got your “Prescription.”

Our “Spontaneous Inspiration Station”

If you’ve explored our shop at all, you ‘ve probably noticed an area that has gone by several names, most recently our “Bead Exchange.” 

Recent high-quality new additions to our stock led Jenn to dub it the “Spontaneous Inspiration Station.” 

Inspired is what you’ll be when you dig for treasures in our baskets.  A cross-section of beads and findings exceeding everything else in the store.  And modestly priced, too.  Can you say, “Cheap?” Nope.  Because these beads are in limited supply,  we can’t promise that there will ever be more of them.  Therefore, we price these orphans very inexpensively, and share the value with you.

You, the artist, can truly claim that it was Inspiration that lead you to  select, combine, and juxtapose these treasures.

Here are some pics of new arrivals that Dusti has just put out on the floor.  Hurry in for best selection.  And, yes, there will be more, but then they will be … well,  … just different.