American Labor: John Henry

This Labor Day we Salute John Henry,  a  real “Steel Drivin’ man”, and real-life hero.

More Info:

As much as we usually like Wikipedia, John Henry was not a folk-lore creation, but a real-life hero.

Here is another view:

We like our hero’s  for their strength and determination in the face of adversity.

John Henry was a real American hero.

Fresh Supplies for your Labor Day Projects

Just in time for Labor Day projects,  Dusti received a fresh shipment of  consumables, and they are out all out on the floor.  E6000, GS Hypo Cement, Soft Flex (in a variety of sizes), Silk beading thread (in a variety of sizes and colors.) and some new Tools. 

Yes, these may seem like mundane items to mention, but, dang it, just when you have a minute to sit down and work on a “you” project,  you discover that you’re out of one of the basics.  And all of the shops are closed. 

BDC will be OPEN All Weekend, but, like many other shops, we’ll be Closed on Monday, for the Labor Day Holiday.