BDC Celebrates “Bastille Day”, July 14th.

July 14th is “Bastille Day,” a national holiday in France, similar to our 4th of July. It signaled the French revolution’s beginning and the failed monarchy’s end.  

We at BDC recognize this French Holiday because we also remember the vital aid the French gave the American Colonists during the American Revolution, without which our own “Great Experiment” in Popular Sovereignty might have failed. The depth of American gratitude for French help during our revolution motivated, in part, the US participation in WWI, with forces arriving in France in 1918.  

It also helps that we are immediately next door to that delicious French Bistro, La Petite Provence, which has proven to be a great neighbor and trusted friend.

We are pleased to repeat the sentiment famously articulated by the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in 1918:

“Lafayette, we are here!”