Janu Gems @ BDC March 3-5

Theodore of Janu Gems will be visiting BDC this weekend (Friday thru Sunday), bringing his eclectic collection of Natural stones, Semi Precious beads, Pearls, etc., all at attractive prices.

It’s been several months since Theodore’s last visit.  And with the uncertain Winter weather that we experienced last week, it may be prudent to lay in supplies for the next weather event.

Punxsutawney Phil warned us early in February that there would be six more weeks of Winter.   (Accuracy in Advertising compels me to reveal that Phil only has a 39% accuracy rate.  😎 .  But his predictions are fun to consider. Theodore, on the other hand, has 100% guaranteed good deals.)

Would you like to see some pics from previous Janu Gems visits? 

Use this link.