BDC: We are “OPEN” Regular Days & Hours.

We recognize that a lot of small businesses are closed here in Portland, Oregon, as we enter Spring, 2020.

We hope and pray that this is just temporary.  For everyone’s sake.  

BDC is fortunate in that our shop is small enough that these onerous closure rules don’t apply to our business.  And, there is plenty of room in our shop for “Social Distance.”  So we continue to be available to provide for your beading needs and to enable our customers to make productive use of their forced idle time.   

Our customers know that this is a great opportunity to create thoughtful, imaginative gifts for those near and dear, as well as being budget-friendly.   (We are happy to answer any “Best Practices” questions that you may have.)

As a final note, if you are a “Registered BDC Customer”,  (Meaning your contact information is on file with us) we will ship your order (Over $25) via USPS, for FREE.  So, if you can’t come to us, let us send BDC beads to you !


Best way to order?  Give us a call:  503 235 4800.