Why Shop at  BDC?

 Let’s face it.  You have many on-line choices for your beading supplies.  Why drive to a “brick & mortar” store to shop?

 One word: Experience:


Dusti and our talented staff have decades of beading experience.  Whether it is a simple stringing project, a wire-wrapping challenge, or bead weaving with seed beads, done on a loom or off, we’ve seen it all and can share what we know.   All of which leads us to:


Yes, we do repairs.  And nothing substitutes for hands-on experience when it comes to Repairs.  Whether your piece needs to be re-strung, or completely re-imagined, there is no need to leave those treasured mementos and heirlooms sitting forlornly in your jewelry box.  We can breathe new life into them: You will be proud to wear them again.  Over the years, some of the biggest squeals of delight in our shop have come from customers seeing their wounded treasures brought back to life.

There’s much more to say here, but it will have to wait.