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“The Power of Pastels” David V. Horste T.S.

04/19/2019 - 04/20/2019

David V Horste, Lapidary Artist
Trunk Show

“The Power of Pastels”


This is the dictionary definition of “Pastels.”  

It is an art medium.  Paint with chalk.


But this is what David is thinking of when he talks about “Pastels,” in his Bead world.


These Focal beads are similar to the “Ford-ite” that David has shown to us in the past.

However, these are made from the “over spray” of a surfboard manufacturer.  

“Hang Ten, dude!”


More traditionally, David has prepared some “Easter Eggs”,  for us, in the form of both Cabochons & Focal Beads.  


TOP: Hemimorphite, Thulite, Lapis Lazuli,
BOTTOM: Rhodochrosite, Shattuckite, Kingman Turquoise

TOP:  Amazonite, K2 Azurite in Granite, Thulite, Citron Chrysoprase

MIDDLE: Ruby in Zoisite, Persian Turquoise, BumbleBee Stone, Shattuckite

BOTTOM:  Rhodochrosite, Chevron Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald

For many people, this is Holy week and in honor of this David has cut up a batch of focal beads and cabs out of his limited stock of genuine Bloodstone. 

Bloodstone has been seen as a special stone since ancient times.  The Greeks  believed it was a stone that affected the rain, solar eclipses, and could cause invisibility. 

In more recent history the stone was adopted by people of the Christian faith to represent the blood of Christ. 

Bloodstone is also the classic, traditional, birthstone for the month of March. 


Finally, David will have a good stock of genuine Persian turquoise from Iran and sparkling natural surface astrophyllite from Russia, both of which were stones he scored big with in Tucson this year!    Take a look at this gorgeous and remarkable stone.


Astrophyllite.  From Russia.

This is David’s first Trunk Show at BDC in  over  1 1/2 years.  I think you’ll have to agree that it’s going to be a “druzzy”.  😳