Rebecca Forsythe on Kazuri

 Why I sell Kazuri Beads.

There is no question about the devastating 
poverty many people live in in Kenya. 
Part of the problem is that there are just so 
few jobs available. It just doesn't seem right 
to me that a person would have so little 
opportunity to improve their situation. It 
was not until I took a look at the average
income, the slums, and the plight of poor 
women in Kenya, that I felt the need to do 
something to help, instead of just hoping 
someone else would "do something." I 
wanted to be part of a process that would 
provide hope and opportunity particularly 
to single women with children. Kazuri does 
just that for over 340 women. Kazuri 
provides employment and health care for 
women that would otherwise be living 
without hope. For every bead that is 
purchased from me, I will purchase one 
from them. I have been doing this for years 
and am a volunteer for the cause and intend 
to continue operating this way. I hope that
as you look at the beads that are available 
and perhaps purchase even one, you will 
realize that you have had a tiny part in 
improving someone else s life.

Hope to see you this weekend.