BDC CLOSED for Independence Day, July 4th. We pause this 4th of July to remember the courage, strength, and perseverance of Molly Pitcher, during the Battle of Monmouth. Stepping in to load and fire the cannon when the regular gun … Continue reading

BDC OPEN Monday, July 5th !

While Monday, July 5th is the "Official" Forth of July Holiday Observance, it's not ours.  We celebrate our Declaration of Independence on the actual day, July 4th.  That's why we were closed yesterday, Sunday. However, because many of our customers … Continue reading

BDC CLOSED on Tuesdays

We're CLOSED on Tuesdays.  It's the one day each week that we rest, relax, and take stock. Tuesday closures were not chosen at random: Traditionally, Tuesdays have had the lowest number of Customer visits of any day of the week.  … Continue reading