“Collaboration” Is a Good Word !

Here is the result of a collaboration between one of our customers and Jenn, our talented staff.


The picture does not quite do justice to the sparkle in the Sun Stone faceted roundels.  Each roundel has pin-points of “shiller”, which are very small reflective points that are copper in color.   

Our Customer imagined it, and Jenn worked with her to bring it to fruition. It is just stunning.

Happy Birthday, George Washington !


February 22, 1732 was George Washington’s Birthday.

He is famously remembered for saying, “I cannot tell a lie.”

Would that we had more leaders in our country that

could say the same.

Happy Birthday, George Washington.

Many Thanks, from a Grateful Nation.


A New Face at BDC

Every once and a while we have new additions to our Staff.

We’d like to introduce “Tilly”, our newest addition.    She comes to us from Tillamook, where she started life as a Country Dog.  Chasing chickens, (they were in a protected chicken run.  Nobody got hurt.)  and generally raising gentle havoc with a couple of cats and two other dogs.   

Tilly is quickly adapting to her new role as BDC’s “Greeter”.   She’s already  won over a following in that role as a “Love Bug”.  We think you’ll find her country drawl just as enchanting as we do. 

Fall Comes to BDC

Fall has arrived with it’s riot of Colors.  The “Greens” are still with us, but the “Yellows” are moving into predominance.   And the “Reds”.  Oh, Wow, the “Reds”.     Fall is our favorite time of year, with it’s earthy and pungent aromas to accompany the vivid colors.  

With Summer gone, and Fall wishing us a fond adieu as we move indoors to warmer and drier pursuits.

Dusti has been working hard to bring out a treasure-trove of Sterling Findings and NOS beads.   Just the ticket for your delightful projects as Fall heads into the Holidays.



American Labor: John Henry

This Labor Day we Salute John Henry,  a  real “Steel Drivin’ man”, and real-life hero.

More Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Henry_(folklore)

As much as we usually like Wikipedia, John Henry was not a folk-lore creation, but a real-life hero.

Here is another view:  https://court.rchp.com/john-henry-a-steel-driving-man/

We like our hero’s  for their strength and determination in the face of adversity.

John Henry was a real American hero.

Fresh Supplies for your Labor Day Projects

Just in time for Labor Day projects,  Dusti received a fresh shipment of  consumables, and they are out all out on the floor.  E6000, GS Hypo Cement, Soft Flex (in a variety of sizes), Silk beading thread (in a variety of sizes and colors.) and some new Tools. 

Yes, these may seem like mundane items to mention, but, dang it, just when you have a minute to sit down and work on a “you” project,  you discover that you’re out of one of the basics.  And all of the shops are closed. 

BDC will be OPEN All Weekend, but, like many other shops, we’ll be Closed on Monday, for the Labor Day Holiday.



Fresh, New, Faceted Semi-Precious Beads

It’s a bit of a misnomer to call these Semi-Precious beads  “Fresh” & “New.”  The truth is that they are millions of years old.   But these beads are freshly cut and faceted and then whisked by bicycle to our shop while they are still warm……

Nope.  That’s no exactly true either. 

What is true is that they just arrived in our shop, filling holes in our inventory that you folks have been requesting, and were brought to us by one of our best suppliers.


2 mm to 4 mm, including  (In approximate order:)

Pink Peruvian Opal,


Blue Lace Agate,





Mixed Stone – Amazonite,


Ruby Zoisite,




Dark Labradorite,

Black Spinel. 


No matter how old these Semi-Precious beads really are, they are sure to brighten up your

“New Project.”

(And, yes, a stone never tells it’s real age.  😆 )