BDC Does Repairs

Yes, it’s true.

BDC repairs beaded jewelry.   And we’ve been doing it for a long time.

We just don’t talk about it very much.  But we love helping you bring those lovely pieces that have “issues” back into your active collection.  And it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

So, this post is dedicated to displaying examples of Beaded Jewelry that we have repaired.


When K.K. was visiting Italy several years ago, she fell in love with a necklace created with  Murano Glass. Time took a toll on the thread that was used to string the beads.  Fortunately, the original artists knotted between each bead, so when the thread eventually failed, no beads were lost.

Jenn replaced the original stringing with SoftFlex, and added seed beads between each larger bead so the original length was preserved. 

Here you can see the seed beads between the Murano Glass beads, and the wire-guards that Jenn added to protect the SoftFlex from chaffing.  

K. K. will be able to enjoy her memories of Italy for years to come.  


A. K.’s necklace broke, sending beads in all directions.  She brought it in to us to be re-strung as a bracelet.    She was delighted and amazed as Dusti quickly repaired several other pieces that had been sitting, unloved, in her jewelry box.

N.F. brought this lovely Silver & Turquoise bracelet in for re-stringing. 

She was very pleased.


New Arrivals, June 2018


“What’s up?”,  “Wassup?”,  “What’s new, pussycat?” (Tom Jones, 1967) all asking the same question, 

“What is different since the last time I asked?”

People are always looking for what is new, different,  & novel.  It’s part of what makes us human.

Dusti has been searching and selecting new items to add to our inventory.  Some of them are pictured above.  Our shop space is limited, & Dusti is picky, so only what passes her critical eye makes it to the BDC Floor. 

Cube & Branch Coral, Picture Jasper, Aventurine, Green Dyed Agate, African Blue Vinyl Discs, Carved Wood Balls, Cobalt Blue Glass, Cubes & Faceted, Raw Garnet, Picasso Ovals, Green Faceted Stone, African Turquoise in 8 mm,  10 mm, & Triangles.  Plus,  the ever popular, “And More!” 

So, how about better pictures? 

Here you go.